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Hits Telecom launches Hits Mobile in Spain and enters European mobile telecoms market

11th november, 2008. - Kuwaiti telecommunications multinational Hits Telecom (KSE: HITSTELEC) announced today the launch of Hits Mobile, its new mobile virtual operator service for Spain. The new company is the first operation of Hits Telecom in the European cellular telecommunications market.

Hits Mobile is to target the rising foreign population in Spain which, at over six million residents, has become one of the fastest growing immigrant and foreign resident populations in Europe. It is estimated that 95% of the foreigners use mobile phones in Spain. Hits Mobile will provide competitive and efficient cellular telephony services to satisfy the demand of immigrants, EU citizens residing in Spain, foreign students, tourists and people with relatives and connections outside Spain.

Hits Mobile will introduce a highly specialised and diversified offer. Its new services include a multi-language customer service, personalised web user interaction through and competitive prices on national and international calls. Hits Mobile will equally offer special promotions for its clients, including price reductions on calls within and outside of Spain. Equally Hits Mobile will offer a wide array of product packs with both units and SIM cards.

Hits Mobile will operate through Vodafone’s mobile network in Spain and will offer flexible and adaptable solutions with competitive prices to its niche market of foreign residents which primarily demand prepaid phone services. To develop its network, Hits Mobile operates its own IT business support platforms for CRM, invoicing, online channels…).

Nationwide presence

With a sales network of over 300 representatives, hits mobile has presence throughout Spain. Projections indicate that towards the end of December 2008 this number is to reach 630 with Madrid having the largest number of selling points totalling more than 115 outlets. Currently Madrid and Valencia have the largest amount of sales outlets, with 79 and 45 respectively.

Over one million clients by 2016

With an investment of two million Euros in the launching campaign, hits mobile aims to reach a market quota of 14,3% by 2016 within its target customers, currently accounting for six million foreign residents in Spain. Equally, it aims to reach a total market quota of 2% among mobile phone users in Spain. According to these estimates, by 2016 the company will have over one million clients throughout the country.

Friendlink calls, a new concept in communications

Friendlink Calls   hits mobile introduces a new concept in mobile telephone services called friendlink calls. This concept is intended to be an expression of the friendship and links between hits mobile and its clients. It is a strategic concept that has been developed both on a corporate level and through different communication channels.

People from different countries, with different cultures and habits find in Hits Mobile a nexus of union, a partner that allows them to communicate with their relatives and friends wherever the are.

With 2 million euros invested in the launch, the company has begun a PR campaign that will allow it to showcase its product among its target customers. Communication and media activities will be carried out throughout Spain with priority on those areas with the largest amount of foreign residents: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante.

Hits Spain

Hits Spain is the Spanish subsidiary of the Kuwaiti telecommunications group Hits Telecom Holding and quoted on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE: HITSTELEC). Hits Telecom Holding is present in the African, Arab, Chinese and Latin American markets.

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